Inside the Pencil Box

A colorful children’s story about the powers of teamwork and friendship! has declared Inside the Pencil Box as the #1 Best Seller in Children’s Chapter Books and the #1 New Release

A Sneak Peek at Inside the Pencil Box!

Some kids love asking wild questions like, “Can homework magically appear in my notebook?” “What do pencils eat for breakfast?”, and “Why do pencils have erasers on them?”

While the true answers to these questions might be boring, the answers that this fun and fantastic children’s book gives us are just the opposite!

Welcome to the magical world within Emma’s pencil box, where two kingdoms lie: the Pencil Kingdom and the Eraser Kingdom. Here, school supplies turn into lively characters and do so much more than just write and erase!

On a regular school morning, Lady Pencil finds herself in crisis as she reads an unflattering newspaper article about her work as the Lady of Pencil Kingdom. Soon, her fury at the eraser who wrote the article rekindles a long rivalry between pencils and erasers. As the two kingdoms clash, things get out of hand quickly, and as a result, Emma's school day turns into a huge mess! Poor Emma needs the pencils and the erasers to work together, so there's only one solution...

Inside the Pencil Box is a wonderful story about the importance of overcoming differences to serve a bigger goal.

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The story of Inside the Pencil Box has been chosen by teachers in California cities as the best book amongst hundreds of others, ranking in the Top Three.

Turn the pages and find out what happens during Emma's sensational school day!

Meet fun, exciting characters in the Pencil Box!

Join the Pencils and Erasers as they learn the importance of teamwork!

Enjoy this creative, colorful story, perfect for curious kids!

Inside the Pencil Box teaches the importance of overcoming prejudice and working together as a team despite one’s differences.

While the pencils and the erasers in this world are naturally two different groups of characters with different duties and goals, they end up having to work together and learn to understand each other along the way. This will serve as a beautiful metaphor for teaching young readers that all kinds of differences can be overcome, so we all get to help each other out in life.

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Delve into the magical world of Emma’s Pencil Box and meet a whole court of colorful characters, from the stubborn Lady Pencil to her opponent, the proud Queen Eraser and find out how they all overcome their differences in order to work together!